Wells of LoveWhat You Can Do

  1. Learn about the crisis in the Azawak
  1. Take Action
  1. Share your experience
  • Post stories and photos on social media, and tag Amman Imman
  • Encourage other students and schools to get involved
  • Stay connected with Amman Imman on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Since  2006, students in schools around the world have helped Amman Imman support the indigenous populations of the Azawak with water and food security programs, health care and health education, women’s empowerment projects, education and economic development activities.  

Students have made presentations about Amman Imman’s work, organized school-wide campaigns like “A Walk for Water” and the “Amman-a-thon”, held events from bake and craft sales to neighborhood carnivals, and rallied their schools and communities by raising funds through numerous creative and fun activities.

Amman Imman representatives are available to speak at schools, workshops, teacher trainings, conferences and special events. We can also share our presentation with you online via Skype.

Our engaging presentations are:

  • Tailored to suit various age levels
  • Appropriate for small and large groups
  • Supported by online resources
  • Arranged for various schedules and budgets, including:
    • single one-hour presentation
    • Multiple workshop sessions spanning several days
    • Follow-up support for activities and projects

Please contact debbie@ammanimman.org to make arrangements.

We have online tools including curriculum materials, photos, videos and planning kits that you can use to organize your own presentation and campaign.

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