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Bring attention to children across the world suffering from the repercussions of climate change and water insecurity

Become a School Partner!

Join schools around the world in raising €300K / $340K to build the “Water is Education” borehole. We are naming this well “Water is Education” to emphasize the impact water has on whether or not a child can attend school.

Access to water can be the determining factor on whether or not a child will be able to get an education.

An easily accessible clean water source will allow:

  • 40,000 people (and animals) to gain year-round access to water from this multi-community borehole
  • 10,000 women and children to benefit from our Mobile Health Clinic
  • 400 women to engage in skills-training through community cooperatives
  • 840 children to attend school in the villages served by the borehole
  • as many as 5000 children in neighboring communities to get an education

Students as Leaders

We would like this borehole to be mostly funded by students. We want to feature our youth leaders, and build relationships between students in America, Europe, and Niger. Numerous schools and students have jumped on board. We invite you to support the “Water is Education” borehole by initiating a campaign at your school.

We can help you get started!

We offer a presentation about climate change and water scarcity in the Azawak tailored to your school group. We can share the presentation either in-person or online via Skype.  Also, we have kits to help you plan a school-wide Walk for Water or an Amman-a-thon fitness fundraiser. Additional resources can be found here.  Contact Debbie for a personal consultation or fill out this form to

Help us Meet our Goal of $340,000

Provide water to 15,000 people year-round, as many as 40,000 during the dry season, and allow up to 5,000 children to obtain an education.

Fundraising for Water is Education Borehole Wells

Please list my school as a partner

Below are some events being held by our Wells of Love fundraising partners:

Arlington County Montessori Program

Arlington, VA
Number of students: 400+

Coin collections, and other activities

February (Valentine’s Day) and March (World Water month) 2019
Students will do presentations about the water crisis in the Azawak and the importance of water to all the classes in the Montessori program — primary, lower and upper elementary classrooms. All classes will be invited to make small “Wells of Love” for to collect contributions in the classrooms.

Gateway School

Santa Cruz, California USA
Number of students: 29
Age: 6th graders

Various Fundraising Outlets

Students want to support Amman Imman with these ideas (so far):

  •  letter writing campaign to large companies asking for donations
  • outreach to UCSC and Cabrillo College (our local secondary institutions)
  • create presentation media to educate and ask for help with communities via social media
  •  Walk for Water in the Spring with our school community, and maybe our local public!

Hope Elementary School

Carlsbad, California, USA
Number of students: 40
Age: K – 5th grade

Hope Elementary Kids for Peace

Fundraiser – to be determined

Spring, 2019
“Our Kids for Peace chapter at Hope Elementary is always looking for ways to put the lines of our Peace Pledge into action. Raising money to build this borehole will help us “to respect people in each and every land”. Debra from Amman Imman was kind enough to share a presentation with the kids at our last meeting. They were blown away to learn there is so much suffering going on due to this absence of a very basic need. One that is so easily accessible for our chapter members here. We plan to create a fundraiser sometime this Spring to support the construction of a new borehole in the Azawak region.” — Meg Jansen

Mid Valley Elementary School

Odell, Oregon USA
Number of students: 25 2nd graders

Skype presentation to students in Oregon

Mid-Valley students listen to Skype presentation by Amman Imman’s Debra Kahn.

Coin Collection

Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018
“In the spring of 2018, the second grade students studied a unit about water that was developed by the classroom teachers. The inspiration came from a story the students read about a boy who saved his own money to fund a well in Africa. Our students contributed loose change to a collection jar to go toward another well in Africa. After listening to Debbie Kahn speak to the students via Skype, my class specifically wanted their money to go to Amman Imman.”– Sophie Guerin-Whitehead, Teacher

Minnieland Academy

Woodbridge, Virginia USA
500 pre-school students

Fundraising Goal: $20,000

Minnieland students learn what it’s like to carry water.

Various Fundraising Activities

Ongoing during the 2018-2019 school year
The Montessori teachers at Minnieland raise money for Amman Imman in a variety of ways. They host bake sales, yard sales, auction student art work at parent events, design and sell jewelry, and grow and sell plants. In addition, we receive donations from parents and staff.

Montessori of Maryknoll

Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Number of students: 17
Ages 3-6

happy to help

Water is Life Fundraiser

December 2018
“Our small in home preschool school participated in helping the children of Africa again this year. The students did jobs for their parents or took money from their piggy banks to make up $400 for this great cause. Another family donated $50 online for a total school contribution of $450. We are always happy to help!” — Pat Bate, Head of School

Total Funds Raised: $450

Montessori School of McLean

McLean, Virginia, USA
Number of Students: 150
Fundraising Goal: $20,000

Monthly Community Fundraisers

September Walk for Water, yearly event held at a local park
October Date Night
Dinner and a Movie
December Shopping Date, fun for kids, time-off for parents!

Total Funds Raised: $5379
Sponsor Students

Palm Harbor Montessori Academy

Palm Harbor, Florida
Number of students: 192
Fundraising goal :  $6,250

Coin Collection and A Walk for Water

Starting Thanksgiving 2018, and ongoing
“We will share Amman Imman at our annual Thanksgiving Feast, and launch the campaign. Every classroom will have receptacles where students can deposit their change. In the spring, we plan to hold A Walk for Water.”

Westland Middle School

Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Number of Students: 750+
Fundraising Goal: $9,500

A Walk for Water

November 21, 2018
Students will walk 3 miles on the Capital Crescent Trail. Support a student by contributing on their fundraising page.

Westland’s WFW page
Total Funds Raised: $10,535

We would love to help you get started!
Please fill out this form, or email debbie@ammanimman.org, and we will gladly help you set up your campaign.

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