Students Join 

Pepper against Poverty

Students Join 

Pepper against Poverty

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

We hope you are staying safe and thriving during this time of isolation. As we limit our social interactions to fight Covid-19, Amman Imman has found creative ways to stay solvent during the pandemic -- and keep your kids involved, too!

First, here's an update on our activities in Niger:

  • With your student's precious help, Amman Imman drilled a borehole in October 2019. By the end of October 2020, we will make the borehole fully functional with a water tower, faucets, animal troughs and distribution system. We can't wait for our communities to have water on a permanent basis!
  • We have recently renovated the schools of Tatist and Faq, and provided them with new desks, tables and other school materials.
  • Our health team continues to be very active, including in the fight against Covid-19. We are currently fundraising to buy supplies and materials for Covid-19 Relief.

#PepperAgainstPoverty - Announcing TSpices!

ebayAmman Imman is partnering with TSpices, a company that produces premium grade black pepper from Dak Nong Province in Vietnam. TSpices connects small-holder family farms with the global market. It's fair-trade and non-gmo farming at its best! You can find Amman Imman TSpices here on Ebay.

The proceeds from Ebay sales benefit our communities in the Azawak of Niger with water, food, education, health and women's empowerment.

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Can you help us sell pepper?

Students can fundraise for the Azawak as well as support small family farmers of Vietnam!

What can students do?

  • Share the blog on our website or the Ebay link with family and friends.
  • Promote TSpices Premium Grade Black Pepper on social media with the hashtag #PepperAgainstPoverty
  • Connect with Amman Imman Pepper on Instagram and Facebook!

Use this for social media, or make up your own:

I am raising funds for Amman Imman: Water is Life by selling black pepper. TSpices Premium Black Pepper will boost your food with great flavor! All proceeds from Ebay sales benefit the nonprofit! #PepperAgainstPoverty

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I welcome your feedback as together we find innovative ways to connect children to far away places, during this time when we need to stay close to home.

Would you like to take the Amman Imman pepper challenge?