Ariane Kirtley, initiator of Marcher sur l’eau, and FAMAE “PRECIOUS WATER!” challenge laureate

The “Marcher sur l’eau” project has as a goal to increase the resilience of 40,000 people living in the Sahel who are suffering from one of the world’s most serious water shortage. We will be implementing a “sustainable management of wetlands/agroforestry” project and solar drilling for multiple villages.

Portrait of Ariane Kirtley, initiator of Marcher sur l'eau, and "PRECIOUS WATER!"

Could you introduce yourself briefly? I was born in the USA, from a French mother and an American father, I grew up in Africa. At 6 months, I crossed the Sahara with my parents who were photojournalists for National Geographic and Géo France. We were living with Tuareg artisans from Niger and panthers men from Côte d'Ivoire.