Amman Imman:

Pepper against Poverty


TSpices Whole Black Pepper Grinder Refill / Proceeds Benefit Amman Imman/ $11.90 for 8 oz.

Get your holiday gift now! (Peppermill not included with purchase)

T Spices Logo100% of the proceeds goes towards supporting Amman Imman alongside the populations of the Azawak valley in Niger who lack the water and resources necessary to thrive.

WHAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING - TSpices works to unite family-based farms in Vietnam with the global market. Your purchase supports these small farmers and the populations of the Azawak.

WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN - The female farmers of TSpices provide the resources for Amman Imman to help the education of Nigerien women in the Azawak.

Premium Quality, Fair Wages, Women Farmer Empowerment - This is How We Pepper™

  • GET READY TO BLESS YOUR TASTE-BUDS with the freshest pepper you have ever experienced! Our high-quality black pepper comes to you from Dak Nong Province, Vietnam where the soil is rich with nutrients. Our black pepper is left on the vine longer so it can fully mature, enhancing its rich, robust flavor. Whether you are grinding it to sprinkle on a salad or making a pepper steak, TSpices Pepper is by far the best choice!
  • THE MOST FLAVORFUL PEPPERCORN - When it comes to peppercorns, the darker they are, the more flavorful they will be. Our deep black peppercorns are absolutely delicious, offering a lovely blend of acidity, sweetness, and citrus.
  • NON-GMO - Worried about GMO's in your food? These steam sterilized peppercorns are completely Non-GMO and grown using organic compost.
  • THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF HEAT - When choosing the best peppercorn, you are looking for a flavor that highlights the heat of the pepper without being too complex. Our peppercorns hit the nail on the head, containing the ideal blend of heat and flavor.
  • FRESH, HIGH-QUALITY PEPPERCORN - The best way to determine a quality peppercorn is to see if they are uniform in color. You will notice that our peppercorns are shockingly uniform, meaning they have a beautifully consistent flavor.
  • GREAT IN ANY DISH - While our peppercorns work well in any dish of your preference, here are some dish recommendations that they'd work perfectly in: Lobster Mac & Cheese, Peppercorn Ranch Pasta, Hot Chai Latte, Peppercorn Steak, French Dip Sandwiches, Chicken Noodle Soup and more!

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