Landscape Restoration
for Ecosystem Recovery

A Nature-Based Solution to Address Climate Change

We are pleased to announce that Ariane Kirtley, Amman Imman's Founder and Executive Director, will present "Landscape Restoration for Ecosystem Recovery (LRER)" at the project stage during the Noah Conference in Zurich December 6 - 7.

Amman Imman is launching our LRER program in order to implement nature-based solutions that will viably address Niger’s severe water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, and persistent desertification, beginning in the northern Tahoua and Agadez regions of Niger.

We are the ONLY project proposing a holistic approach throughout the region and currently in Niger. To us, this is the most sustainable approach because each ecosystem affects the viability of the other. Everything is connected!

Ariane Kirtley — Speaker Photo

I truly believe that of all the amazing work Amman Imman has done over the past 16 years, this has the potential for the most long-lasting and wide-reaching impact for both our communities and for wildlife. We are combating desertification and creating sustainable resilience.

Founder - Ariane Kirtley

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