Calling All Artists and Activists!

Calling All Artists and Activists! Amman Imman has teamed up with Popsockets to join Poptivism, a program that promotes activism and philanthropy through the sale of artist-designed phone grips. We are curating a special line of PopGrips designed by our Wells of Love student artists -- and you can purchase one! A full 50% of the sale price is donated to Amman Imman! Click here to purchase an artist-designed Popgrip. (Click here for alternate link ) Designed by 11-year-old Fassely Popgrip + Activist = Poptivist We envision a page of PopGrips designed by people just like you. Add your [...]

Students Unite to Alleviate Climate Change

Walk for Water, a venue for action This past year Greta Thunberg woke up the world with the proclamation “Your house is burning!”  Greta and other young activists have put us on alert that we must “unite behind the science” and do something about climate change right now.  Students in our Wells of Love schools around the world have been studying the science and taking action. For the past 12 years, they’ve implemented individual and school-wide fundraisers that has raised over $500,000 to curtail the effects of climate change on people living in the Azawak region of West [...]

Portrait of Ariane Kirtley, initiator of Marcher sur l’eau, and FAMAE “PRECIOUS WATER!” challenge laureate

Ariane Kirtley, initiator of Marcher sur l’eau, and FAMAE “PRECIOUS WATER!” challenge laureate The “Marcher sur l’eau” project has as a goal to increase the resilience of 40,000 people living in the Sahel who are suffering from one of the world's most serious water shortage. We will be implementing a “sustainable management of wetlands/agroforestry” project and solar drilling for multiple villages.

The “Water is Education” Borehole-well

Building Hope. Giving Education. Providing Opportunities. Families in the Azawak walk up to 30 miles a day searching for water. Children have little to no time for education. Parents migrate to neighboring countries to look for a livelihood. We are raising money to build the "Water is Education" borehole-well to provide water to 40,000 and the possibility of an education for as many as 5,000 children.  Please SUPPORT WATER FOR EDUCATION!

Interview on the Weather Channel: Migrants Abandoned in Searing Sahara

In June, Algeria abandoned 13,000 migrants in the Sahara desert, leaving them without food or water. Men, women and children were forced to walk in the blistering heat, or die. Meteorolgist Kait Parker of the Weather Channel discusses Algeria's current treatment of migrants with Ariane Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman, during this interview.

Interview: Un beau fil d’or

Encore un beau fil d’or entre Ariane Kirtley et... vous. On vous dégaine enfin cette petite vidéo filmée à l’arrache au sortir de l’émission diffusée samedi dernier. Juste pour vous montrer le travail de cette amoureuse de l’Afrique: à la fois fondatrice d’Imman iman/l’eau c’est la vie, maman du monde, auteur et photographe...

Interview: The devastating impact of climate change on Niger and Mali

(February 9, 2018) What impact does global warming have on people’s lives? In the desertic Azawak region of Niger and Mali, the rains have drastically decreased. In this interview, Ariane Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman: Water is Life, discusses how, in areas already plagued by very difficult geopolitical situations, climate change affects people’s safety.