Water and Women

Humanitarian and author Ariane Kirtley and  academic and economist Eric Orsenna debate the role of woman and water at the Women for Future conference in Paris.

Ariane Kirtley & Erik Orsenna at

Ariane Kirtley & Erik Orsenna at Thursday, June 2@6:30pm Paris Time Tune in on Thursday, June 2, for a conversation with Ariane Kirtley and Erik Orsenna at 6:30 pm (Paris time) #Womenforfuture. We look forward to seeing you there! Learn more at The event will be broadcast live on: - the website - the La Tribune and La Tribune Events Twitter accounts - the La Tribune and La Tribune Events Facebook accounts - the Youtube channel La Tribune Events Sign up at

The “Water is Education” Borehole Opens

The "Water is Education" Borehole is now open! The borehole drilling took place in 2019, and construction was finally completed in January 2022. The people of Tatiste, Fak and surrounding communities now have water! Niger government officials, including the Mayor and Prefect of Abalak, were on hand for the opening reception. They recognized Amman Imman's role in the transformation of rural Azawak. Members of the village community, and Amman Imman staff members Riskouwa Mamane and Sidi Ahmed participated in the festivities. We hope to connect more villages to the system soon! Please watch the video below to see the official opening [...]

“Water is Education” Borehole Almost Complete

December 22, 2021 - Finally after a long hiatus, with several starts and stops, the "Water is Education" borehole will soon be finished.  The communities of Tatiste, Fak and surrounding hamlets will have water!  The people have been waiting since October 2019 when construction abruptly halted.   In February 2021, the work resumed and the water tower was raised. Now the distribution system is being laid, and the faucets and animal troughs are being built. We will let you know when the water flows! Distribution pipes fresh off the truck! Beginning of Faucet Construction

Rebuilding watersheds, pasturelands, and forests

Rebuilding Watersheds, Pasturelands, and Forests Learn More Donate Rebuilding Watersheds, Pasturelands, and Forests Learn More Donate Amman Imman has spent the past 16 years supporting our friends in Niger through development work. This year, we are launching a very exciting landscape restoration project, to rebuild watersheds (marshes, ponds, etc), pasturelands, and forests. Members of our communities migrate much of the year to distant countries, leaving their children, often to fend for themselves, with the hope of making meager wages. Our boreholes, education, and medical help has allowed them to limit their time as migrant workers.Yet we can do more for [...]

Education = Opportunity

Education = Opportunity Support Children to Stay in School You can help a girl or boy reach their dreams! Support education for as many as 5,000 children Assist our mobile health clinic which offers free health care and health education to 12,000 women and children Contribute to climate resilience by supporting our wetlands restoration and agroforestry projects Aid our ongoing work including food security and agriculture, women's development and livelihood projects Please help! Make a Difference By Donating!

Celebrating World Water Day!

Happy World Water Day - 2021! Amman Imman! Water is Life! This video was taken in 2019 during the pumping trials of the "Water is Education" borehole. The water flowed freely while we tested the pump. People came from all over to fill their jerry cans with clean water, to wash their clothes and to bathe. The children played joyfully. Sadly, the borehole had to be capped after the trial, and the water stopped. In 2021, we were able to build the water tower. We are still waiting for the construction of the faucets before the borehole can open [...]

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