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The “Water is Education” Borehole-well

By Debbie Kahn


Borehole Drilled and Water Tower Installed

By Debbie Kahn

February, 2021 – The “Water is Education” Borehole has been drilled, and the water tower installed.

distribution pipes

“Water is Education” Borehole Almost Complete

By Debbie Kahn

December 22, 2021 – Finally after a long hiatus, with several starts and stops, the […]

The “Water is Education” Borehole Opens

By Debbie Kahn

The “Water is Education” Borehole is now open! The borehole drilling took place in 2019, […]

In October 2019, we drilled the “Water is Education” borehole! The water is both abundant and of high quality.

For two days, families came from up to 15 miles away to fill up their jerrycans with free water during the pumping trial. They washed themselves and their clothes as children, like Barka and Houlaye, swam and played. Herds of animals drank contentedly. There was so much joy!

Barka drinks and drinks.
Barka drinks and drinks.
Loving the water!

The Impact when the Borehole Is Completed:

5000 Students will have time to attend school

children will be able to attend school.

12000 women and children access to healthcare

more women and children will gain access to health care.

16000 more people will have year-round water

more women and children will gain access to health care.

40,000 additional people will have water during dry season

​40,000 additional people will have access to water during the dry season.

watershed restoration project

We will initiate a Watershed Restoration project to rebuild marshes in the Azawak to fight desertification and climate change