Author: Ariane Kirtley

Invitation à mon exposition photo à Paris

Invitation à mon exposition photo à Paris

Invitation à mon exposition photo à Paris Vous êtes invités au vernissage de mon exposition sur le thème des peuples nomades du Niger, leur résilience et leur survie dans un contexte de pénurie d’eau accrue et de changement climatique.  Je partage la salle avec un autre photographe, Dani Ploeger, qui présentera son travail sur les déchets informatiques.  Le vernissage se tiendra à 18 :30 la soirée du vendredi 17 novembre à la galerie le 100ecs , 100 rue…

children digging in marsh


In this photo, taken in 2005, young Malik, Soutout, and Sadeya were digging for water in a drying seasonal marsh.  The children played and sang as we walked the twelve miles from their home to the marsh, carefree and relieved to conduct this “short” water errand.  The rains had filled up the marshes, and for a few months — as long as the water did not completely evaporate — they would not have to undertake…

Tuareg woman drinking camel milk

Amman Imman, Arr Issudar

Discovering the Azawak The Tuaregs have a saying, and it begins with “Amman Imman, Arr Issudar” (Water is Life, Milk is Hope). Of course, I had heard the saying “water is life” time and time again before traveling to the Azawak of Niger.  But only when I witnessed children walking all day long, every single day, desperately searching for water did I truly understand the reality of the concept.  They were not looking for clean…