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Migrants Abandoned in Searing Sahara

Migrants Abandoned in Searing Sahara (June 29, 2018) In June, Algeria abandoned 13,000 migrants in the Sahara desert, leaving them without food or water. Men, women and children were forced to walk in [...]

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Un beau fil d’or

Un beau fil d’or (May 23, 2018) Ariane shares stories with journalist Yasmine Chouaki on En Sol Majeur. Video in French: Watch the full interview.

  • Ariane on RFI English

Poverty Alleviation Promotes Global Security

(May 3, 2018) RFI's Alison Hird interviews Ariane Kirtley on RFI Radio English. Watch here or listen on Soundcloud. Ariane discusses climate change, poverty alleviation, migration, and the effects on populations in the Azawak. At the [...]

How does climate change affect security?

 (February 5, 2018) Interview with Ariane Kirtley on France 24's "L'Entrentien" In the desertic Azawak region of Niger and Mali, the rains have drastically decreased. Ariane speaks with journalist Armelle Charrier about the adverse affects of [...]

  • Ariane Kirtley

The devastating impact of climate change on Niger and Mali

(February 9, 2018) What impact does global warming have on people’s lives? In the desertic Azawak region of Niger and Mali, the rains have drastically decreased. In this interview, Ariane Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman: Water is Life, discusses how, in areas already plagued by very difficult geopolitical situations, climate change affects people’s safety.