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Amman Imman empowers and supports Africa’s most vulnerable indigenous peoples and engages students worldwide as socially conscious leaders.

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  • Ariane Kirtley on impact of climate change

How does climate change affect security?

What impact does global warming have on people’s lives? In the desertic Azawak region of Niger and Mali, the rains have drastically decreased. In this interview, Ariane Kirtley, founder and director of Amman Imman: [...]

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Programs in the Field

Water Security

Water Security

The primary need in the Azawak is water. Half of the children under five die due to reasons linked to lack of water, or poor quality water.    Given the depth of the water table, which starts at 200 meters, very few technologies work in the Azawak.  Deep boreholes are ...
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Food Security

Food Security

Background: Niger in general suffers from severe food insecurity.  In the Azawak, the abundant livestock, utilized for trade and for milk, curtailed food shortages in the region.  In fact, the Azawak used to be the best pastoral land of West Africa, and the wealthiest region. Most of the livestock has ...
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Healthcare and Education

Health Care and Education

Background: Access to any sort of health care is almost nonexistent in the Azawak.  There are few health posts, and those that exist are held by non-qualified government staff (people with no medical background).  Typically, getting to one of these centers takes several days by donkey.    The only two ...
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Revenue Generating

Revenue Generation

Background: Access to water makes it possible for livelihood activities to begin. Prior to having a borehole, people spent all their time looking for water, and had no time to take on “jobs” or engage in other activities that would allow them to make revenue. Extreme poverty overshadows each of ...
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Wells of Love

Student Service Learning Program

Connecting students to the world through creativity, compassion and action

Wells of Love empowers students as stewards for our earth and humanity. Our “Heroes of Compassion” gain awareness about global concerns such as food, water, human rights and climate change — issues that directly impact the vulnerable indigenous populations Amman Imman serves. We provide support for students as they enact group and individual projects to help our communities. They are positioned to become environmental advocates, humanitarian leaders and compassionate philanthropists.

What is Wells of Love?

Wells of Love - Uniting people of all ages

Uniting young people of all ages, from preschoolers to university students, as caring philanthropists capable of turning their empathy into direct action.

Wells of Love - Increasing awareness among students

Increasing awareness among students about some of the most crucial humanitarian and environmental issues of our time.

Wells of Love - Connecting cultures

Connecting cultures through reciprocal exchanges that nurture friendships and promote international understanding.

Wells of Love - Transforming perspectives

Transforming perspectives and attitudes as youth become leaders who make a positive, tangible impact in the world.

Wells of Love - Empowering youth as activists

Empowering youth as activists as they raise funds and awareness for some of the world’s most underserved and vulnerable populations.

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Our Founder’s Story

In 2005, Ariane Kirtley spent several months living alongside Tuareg and Fulani herders in Niger’s Azawak Valley. There she witnessed children dying from dehydration: young boys and girls who walked up to 30 kilometers a day in searing 45°C heat — not for pleasure, but out of desperation to find water. In 2006 she founded the international NGO Amman Imman: Water is Life, to address the needs of minorities in Africa, beginning with constructing deep borehole wells in the Azawak.

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