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Presentation Tools: Inform and Empower

  1. Amman Imman Powerpoint presentation with a detailed script

  2. This presentation tells three stories: the story of the people of the Azawak, the story of Amman Imman and the story of our Heroes of Compassion who are changing and saving lives. We hope you will add your story.

  3. Learn about Amman Imman and the Azawak by studying this presentation and accompanying script.

  4. Take charge of your own campaign by adapting the presentation for your audience.

  5. Add photos of your students engaging as Heroes of Compassion in their philanthropic campaigns.



This presentation consists of 46 slides. Slides 19 and 35 refer to videos. You can download the videos and insert them into the presentation.


Videos for Presentation

Deep_Wells_in_the_Azawak_for_presentation.mp4 - Insert this video on slide 19 Thank_you_merci_tanimert_for_presentation.mov - Insert this video on slide 35


Script for Presentation



Speeches and interviews with Ariane Kirtley, Amman Imman founder and director

(see all our videos on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/djoie)

Photo sets for presentations and displays

Water Scarcity: Conditions in the Azawak of West Africa

15 photos showing the unique conditions of water scarcity in the Azawak valley. People live with the daily burden of searching for water. Usually, they find mud, or nothing at all.


Development and activities in Amman Imman’s borehole villages

In the Azawak, clean water exists starting at 600 feet beneath the ground. Once this water is made accessible, life can begin to flourish. These photos show results and developments in Amman Imman’s borehole communities.

Curriculum Resources: Explore and Discover

  1. Amman Imman - A Story.pdf

  2. Stunning photos from the Azawak and simple words tell the story of Ariane Kirtley’s promise to bring water to the region.   This picture book helps young children understand the mission of Amman Imman.  Print as a book, or make into a poster display for a bulletin board.

  1. The Azawak - The Land and its People.pdf

  2. This book describes the Azawak region, how people live, and what they do to meet some of their fundamental needs.  Print this as a book or make into cards with captions.

  1. Azawak Information Sheet for students.pdf

  2. Fact sheet about the Azawak for students.

  1. Geography Lessons.pdf 

  1. Cultural  Photo Cards

  2. These cards display some of the traditions and customs in the Azawak. Use as a language material in the kindergarten or elementary classroom.

  3. Print the cards  Cultural Photo Cards.zip

  4. Affix Cultural Photo Card labels.doc on the back (Avery 8363)

  5. Use this Map of Africa and Azawak.jpg to decorate a folder - Map of Africa

Information Flyers and Logos

AI Mission and Vision Statement.pdf

Amman Imman’s Accomplishments and Impact

WOL Mission and Vision.pdf

Amman Imman logo.jpg 

Wells of Love introduction.pdf

** NEW! ** Amman Imman in the Azawak composite.pdf 

photos show conditions in the Azawak, Amman Imman’s work and resulting activities

** NEW! ** WOL Activities List.pdf

List of activities initiated by schools and individuals for Wells of Love from 2006 - 2011.

Use as an idea-starter! Let use know what you do so we can add it to the list!

Fundraising Planning Guides: Take Action!

  1. A Walk for Water is a collective walk that symbolizes the 35 miles that a child living in the Azawak has to travel to get water for their family. Students walk a certain distance, often around 3 miles, and raise funds by asking their school community, friends, family, and local businesses to sponsor them, usually no less than $5.00 for each mile walked. 

  2. A Walk for Water has been held at local parks, on wooded trails, in small towns and on city streets, raising as much as $12,000.  Schools may stage their own walk but they are strongly encouraged to collaborate with other schools in order to maximize the philanthropic action and demonstrate the potential of working together toward a shared goal. 

A Walk for Water walk_planning_guide.pdf

A Walk for Water walk_fundraising_kit.zip

  1. The Amman-a-thon is a skill-building fitness fundraising event through which students improve their athletic and math skills while raising funds towards a Well of Love.  This project has been especially designed for younger students.

  2. Over the course of a few months, students practice hopping on one leg, twirling a hula hoop, shooting baskets, jumping rope, doing jumping jacks and other activities to gain proficiency. On Amman-a- thon Day, they partner with a friend, listen for “Go” from the teacher, and count each hop, jump, hula and basket goal until the teachers shouts, “Stop”. Previous to the event, they rally their family and friends to pledge support, getting promises of 5 and 10 cents per hop, jump, basket and hula spin that they will accomplish during a given amount of time. 

  3. Classrooms of 30 students have raised as much as $5,000. Amman-a-thon ties together athleticism and philanthropy, providing students with a first-hand experience of how practice adds up to something concrete and powerful.

Amman-a-thon Planning Guide.pdf

Amman-a-thon Fundraising Kit.zip

Start a Campaign and Get Involved!

Hand in Hand campaigns translate individual and group creativity into philanthropic action, encouraging students and schools to use their talents and skills raise funds towards their Well of Love. Students choose a project of their own design. They plan, organize and implement the project. 

Varying from bake sales to craft sales, from jewelry parties to dramatic plays, these activities symbolize the growing friendship between the two cultures as they walk hand in hand toward love and hope. The goal is for students to use their creativity and do something they enjoy while raising money for a purpose greater than themselves.

A Run for Water. Our running movement began in 2006 when Laurel Lundstrom ran in the Philadelphia marathon after she became “inspired to raise awareness about the plight of little girls in the Azawak” who travel a marathon distance in search of water.  In 2008, several runners came together in Washington D.C. to run a 35 mile relay, representing the distance some children in the Azawak walk to find water. In 2010, Mary Ohren ran over 60 miles in 12 hours, raising over $3,000, while Anya Fonina ran in the Marine Corps Marathon and raised almost $20,000.

We invite you to engage in “A Run for Water” in honor of the children of the Azawak.  Choose any 5k, 10k, or a marathon.  Set up your personal fundraising page for Amman Imman on Firstgiving.   If you aren’t a runner, consider swimming, biking, roller-blading or undertaking another fun activity for which you can be sponsored and raise awareness for the Azawak.  

Videos about the Azawak & Amman Imman's work

(see all our videos on our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/djoie)

Water Crisis in the Azawak of West Africa (2012)


Thank You for the Water


Tangarwashane Borehole: An Oasis of Life


The Day of Life: Goodbye to the Thirst


The Reception in Kijigari


May the Water Flow (for the People of the Azawak)


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Share your story: Reflect and Inspire

Tell us your experience!  Send us your photos! We’ll help you share them!

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