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where we work
Kijigari Village
ConstructION Completed 2010

Read Ariane's Update From Niger for a report on Kijigari Village and the story of the borehole.

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Another Dream Comes True

Photo: Azawak Village surrounded by marsh
Large rural Azawak village surrounded
by sweeping marsh
Kijigari is a large rural village surrounding a sweeping marsh. It regroups over 4,000 Tuaregs and Fulani living directly within its boundaries, and many more than 25,000 in the surrounding communities.Kijigari is more developed than most rural villages one might encounter in the Azawak. It has a large school attended by 120 students, a little village clinic held by a government nurse, and a large market where people come from afar to sell their goods once a week. As long as there is water in the marsh wells, the women run a village store, a sewing cooperative, and grow their own gardens.

For most of the year, however, Kijigari has no water. All activities end as soon as the marsh and the water holes dug in the marsh dry up. Instead, families abandon the village in search for water. During the height of the dry season, Kijigari becomes a ghost town. With the construction of our Montessori Well of Love, we hope to help Kijigari blossom economically, encourage the children to attend school year-round, and most importantly, save many lives.

Friendship Exchange Comes to Fruition

Photo: Kijigari Children receiving Bracelets of Compassion
Children receive bracelets from Heroes of Compassion
Kijigari’s borehole is the first Well of Love being drilled thanks to the undying dedication of our Montessori students worldwide. Having participated in our Friendship Exchange last year, Kijigari students are well aware of our Heroes of Compassion efforts to help them. They received bracelets from Heroes of Compassion in the United States, and in return, our Heroes of Compassion received bracelets from Kijigari students. Today, the people of Kijigari are receiving the gift of water as our Heroes of Compassion witness their untiring efforts come to fruition.


In Memorium

Photo: Kijigari Borehole dedicated to late Amman Imman: Water is Life Associate Director, Dennis Hamilton
The Kijigari Borehole dedicated to late Associate Director, Dennis Hamilton
The Kijigari borehole is being dedicated to Dennis Hamilton, Amman Imman’s late Associate Director. Dennis was the first to encourage Amman Imman to partner with schools. Thanks to his help, several schools in Connecticut were the first to join our efforts. Since these early moments, schools worldwide have united as our partners to bring water and hope to the children of the Azawak. By dedicating this first Well of Love to Dennis, we commemorate his devotion and bring a little part of him to a land he longed to discover.


Learn more about our first borehole at Tangarwashane


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