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A Walk For Water Participants Worldwide
10 years of A Walk for Water, 2007 - 2016

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of A Walk for Water for the Azawak. To commemorate this occasion, Amman Imman calls upon schools, groups and individuals to host A Walk for Water in their community.

This Year's Planned Events

Several schools have already held an event, and more are scheduled. To add your event to our calendar, please email with the details.

  • Feb. 16, 2016 - JEJ Moore Middle School, Disputanta, VA. Read about it here

  • March 22, 2016 - The Netherlands Inter-Community School, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • June 6, 2016 - Monarch Global Academy, Laurel, Maryland

  • June 10, 2016 - LePort Schools, Virginia, New York and California

  • October 2, 2016 - Berthold Academy, Reston, Virginia - PLEASE JOIN US! — “The official Amman Imman 10th anniversary A Walk for Water”

Please feel free to download our AWFW Planning Guide and Fundraising Kit. These resources are stored on Google Drive. Additional resources and tools can be found here.

After you’ve collected donations, you can send them to: Amman Imman, 914 Robin Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901 or make an online donation at

For online fundraising, we suggest a crowdfunding site like Classy.

Following your event, we would love to post your story and photos on our website! You can send them to


A Walk for Water symbolizes the 35 mile trek children living in the Azawak travel to bring water home for their families. Walks for the Azawak have been held around the world on school grounds, at local parks, on wooded trails, in small towns and on city streets. Students walk a certain distance, often 5K, and raise funds by asking people in their school and community, friends, family, and local businesses to sponsor them.

In 2007 the first A Walk for Water event took place at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland. Approximately 60 people - children and families from several schools - gathered in a field facing the lake to bring attention to the Azawak. Together they walked 3.25 miles around the lake and raised over $5,000. Over the years, the event grew to include music, a cultural festival, indigenous crafts, and local partners supporting Amman Imman. In 2015, Amman Imman partnered with John F. Kennedy High to host A Walk for Water. We were honored by the presence of the Ambassador of Niger and the fashion designer Alphadi. Over 200 people attended the event.

Read about A Walk for Water Events in schools around the world on The Wells of Love Blog.


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View Videos of A Walk for Water Events

A Walk for Water 2010, Lake Frank, Maryland A Walk for Water - 2011

A Walk for Water 2010
Lake Frank, Maryland

Ariane Kirtley and her son Fassely join Washington DC metro area schools on A Walk for Water at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland.

A Walk for Water 2011
The Boyd School

Elementary & Middle School students The Boyd School participated in A Walk for Water benefiting Amman Imman's efforts to construct borehole wells in the Azawak region of Africa. The walk helped raise funds and awareness to the struggles of the inhabitants of this region and their search for clean water. Younger students from all Boyd School campuses participated in an Amman-a-thon fitness challenge bringing the entire Boyd community.



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10 Years of A Walk for Wate

Amman Imman
Dining for Women


10 Years of A Walk for Wate

10 Years
of A Walk
for Water


JEJ Moore MS Students Walk for Water

JEJ Moore
MS Students
Walk for Water



Students Fight
Hunger and
Thirst with
Empty Bowls


Amman Imman Annocunces New Borehole Completion in Couloubade, Niger

Ariane's Update:
Thank you
Wells of Love Students,
Teachers and Parents!


Lisa Wexler Interviews Ariane Kirtley

WFAS Radio Personality
Lisa Wexler Interviews
Ariane Kirtley


Ariane's Accounts from
her Initial Sojourn into
the Remote Azawak.


Ariane Kirtley is
Changing Lives:
AI Founder Featured
in Major New Book.

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