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Saving Lives Through Amman Imman's Fundraising Campaigns

Amman Imman has been providing humanitarian aid in the Azawak region of Niger by building permanent and sustainable sources of water since 2006. Individuals of all ages have helped us to save lives and have offered hope to the region’s 500,000 inhabitants. Through our volunteer-led campaigns, we’ve raised awareness about water scarcity and other issues affecting people living in the Azawak and funds to ameliorate their suffering. Campaign donors support sustainable development by contributing to our well-building and community projects. You can support Amman Imman by participating in one of the following campaigns.

Solidarity Challenge:
Take Action Above and Beyond Your Limit


On October 27, 18 individuals will run 26.2 miles with Team Amman Imman around Washington DC in the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon. These individuals will have undergone tremendous rigor and training to prepare for this event. Each person will have raised at least $300, sharing their challenge with family and friends to generate long-lasting impact for the Azawak. For Amman Imman, a marathon holds deep significance. Conditions in the Azawak compel thousands and thousands of people to travel tremendous distances to fulfill their most basic human needs. Their rigor is not a training by choice but rather a life and death struggle necessary for their survival. Read more about what the marathon means to Amman Imman. In solidarity with our marathon runners and the people of the Azawak, we declare October 27 “Solidarity Challenge Day”. We invite you to join our Solidarity Challenge team, lead by Amman Imman founder and director, Ariane Kirtley (pictured above, right). Read about Ariane's motivation to lead this challenge. Sign up here to join the Solidarity Challenge.

A Walk for Water


A Walk for Water is a collective fundraising event that symbolizes the 35 miles children living in the Azawak must travel to collect water for their families. As an activity of Wells of Love, our service-learning program, walks for the Azawak have been held on school grounds, at local parks, on wooded trails, in small towns and on city streets. Students walk a certain distance and raise funds by asking people in their school and community, friends, family, and local businesses to sponsor them. Schools organizing walks are encouraged to collaborate with other schools to increase their impact and to allow students to work together to achieve a common goal. Learn about how you can participate in A Walk For Water in your community.

A Run for Water

Our running movement began in 2006 when Laurel Lundstrom ran in the Philadelphia marathon after she became “inspired to raise awareness about the plight of little girls in the Azawak” who travel a marathon distance in search of water. In 2008, several runners came together in Washington, D.C. to run a 35-mile relay, representing the distance some children in the Azawak walk to find water. In 2010, Mary Ohren ran more than 60 miles in 12 hours, raising over $3,000, while Anya Fonina ran in the Marine Corps Marathon and raised almost $20,000. We invite you to engage in “A Run for Water” by choosing a race and creating your personal fundraising page for Amman Imman on FirstGiving. Runners - Learn about how to set up your own Run For Water Fundraising Campaign.

The Amman-a-thon


Another student-focused activity, the Amman-a-thon, is a fundraising event that unites fitness and philanthropy. Students gain athletic proficiency while raising awareness and funds to support sustainable sources of water in the Azawak. They practice hopping on one leg, twirling a hula hoop, shooting baskets, jumping rope, and other activities of their choice. Prior to the event, they ask family and friends to sponsor them through pledges, obtaining promises of 5 and 10 cents per hop, jump, basket and hula spin. On the day of their Amman-a-thon, they perform their activity while a partner counts their repetitions for a given time period. Based on the number of repetitions and their pledges, they collect contributions from their sponsors following the event. Classrooms have raised as much as $5,000 through small pledges. Amman-a-thons have a substantial impact: students gain experience of how practice adds up to something concrete and powerful. Learn more about Amman-a-thons and how your child's school can become involved.

Hand in Hand


Hand in Hand Campaigns through Wells of Love, Amman Imman’s service-learning program, translate individual and group creativity into philanthropic action. Students are encouraged to use their talents and skills to raise funds that save and improve the lives of children and families in the Azawak. Students choose a fundraising project of their own design. They plan, organize and implement the activity. Varying from bake sales to craft sales, from jewelry parties to dramatic plays, Hand in Hand activities symbolize friendship and personal empowerment. The goal is for students to use their creativity to do something they enjoy while raising money for a purpose greater than themselves. Parents and teachers, learn more about activating children to become the next generation of humanitarian activists.



FirstGiving empowers ordinary people to raise extraordinary amounts of money for causes they care about. Online fundraising technology and tools allow nonprofits and their supporters to meet and exceed their goals of raising money for important causes, building awareness, and expanding the world of giving. Amman Imman: Water is Life's partnership with FirstGiving allows us to plan, execute, and measure successful online fundraising campaigns and charity fundraising events. It also empowers our individual fundraisers, making it easy, effective, and even fun to raise money online! For donors, Firstgiving provides a convenient and safe venue for making secure online donations. Start your own fundraising campaign for the Azawak today!

Personal Activism via Social Media Sites


Amman Imman: Water is Life maintains multiple presences online that provide additional avenues to share information, connect and take action. Please consider sharing our news on Facebook, retweeting us on Twitter, favoriting our videos on YouTube or writing about us in your blog. Learn more about how you can help save lives simply by using your Twitter, Facebook,YouTube or blog account.






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10 Years of A Walk for Wate

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JEJ Moore
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Ariane's Update:
Thank you
Wells of Love Students,
Teachers and Parents!


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