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December 2011
A Borehole and a Bag of Rice for the Holidays: Amman Imman is raising $70,000 this winter

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Exciting news! Amman Imman has received a grant for $130,000 from the Vibrant Village Foundation to build a new borehole in the Azawak this winter! Construction will begin very soon. We will also work with our villages that have water to help alleviate hunger, improve health and implement other life-giving activities.

Please join our campaign and help us raise the additional $70,000 needed for this important project.

Here's how you can help:
• Make a donation through our FirstGiving campaign site:
• Become a fundraiser by creating a personal fundraising page.
Then, ask your friends and family to help:
• Spread the word on Facebook, us social network!

Together we can bring water - and food - and hope to another 25,000 in the Azawak!


November 9, 2011
A Borehole and a Bag of Rice for the Holidays: A Ray of Hope for Niger

Dear Friends of the Azawak, Denis and I are impatient to return to Niger this month, and be welcomed by our dear friends and the smiling, laughing faces of the children we've grown to know and love in our Azawak communities. It will be refreshing to sip tea and share stories with our friends, eat fresh vegetables that they've been able to grow thanks to the borehole water and listen to songs the children have learned since they've begun attending the school that has opened now that water has become available.

As many of you may be aware, Niger has been in the news non-stop this year – and as portrayed by the media, the situation is nothing but dire and foreboding for this landlocked country of the Sahel. Denis and I plan on sharing with you the flip side over the next couple of months – stories of dignity, perseverance, and hope. In fact, today I will share with you a joyous new headline: (Read more here and find out how you can become involved).


April 13, 2011
Join A Walk for Water!

Dear Friends of the Azawak, Greetings from Washington, DC! As the blossoms of spring inspire us to awaken from a long winter, our Heroes of Compassion are stepping into action. I'm excited to tell you about our Spring Campaign! 
Walking to save and improve lives.
For those who live in the DC metro area, you are invited to participate in the 5th annual A Walk for Water on May 14th at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland. Each year, students, teachers and families from several schools and groups come together to walk three miles in solidarity for the children and families in the Azawak of West Africa who daily struggle due to the lack of water. Please register and create an online fundraising page here: A Walk for Water at Lake Frank, May 14th. You can also download an event information kit with materials to support students including a paper sponsorship collection form. Read more here and find out how you can become involved.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2010
Amman Imman launches national "Run For Water" Campaign

As students Walk For Water across the world, several of our dedicated supporters “Run For Water“. Our running movement began in 2006, when Laurel Lundstrom ran the Philadelphia marathon after she became “inspired to raise awareness about the plight of little girls in the Azawak who travel up to 35 miles roundtrip for water”. In 2008, Laurel organized a “Run For Water“ event in DC where runners came together and ran a 35 mile relay, representing the distance some children walk in the Azawak to find water. This past June, Mary Ohren ran 60.85 miles in 12 hours, and raised over $3,000 to help “bring the gift of life to the wonderful people of the Azawak”. Today, Anya Fonina and Tammy Brennan are training to run in October. They’ve already begun reaching out to sponsors, raising money and spreading the word about the Azawak! Anya has already raised $13,000 in one month toward her $20,000 goal! Read more and find out how you can help.


OCTOBER 14, 2009
Join Schools Around the World In Our Fall Wells of Love Campaign:Hand in Hand!

Hand in Hand is our Wells of Love Annual Fall Collaborative Project.  In this campaign, our Heroes of Compassion combine creativity with philanthropy as they work together to bring water to the children of the Azawak. Read more and find out how you can help.

JUNE 17, 2009
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. Help us build a borehole in Kijigari!

Desert and drought are all 8-year-old Anaha has ever known in her village of Kijigari, where lack of clean water threatens lives and makes each day a struggle. Two years ago, children in the village of Tangarwashane faced the same crisis. But since Amman Imman completed a borehole there, life in Tangarwashane has changed dramatically. In honor of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, and in honor of Anaha, support our work and help us build a borehole in Kijigari! Read more and find out how you can help.

JUNE 2, 2009
An Opportunity to Serve: A Walk For Water Sparks Student Activism

Amman Imman thanks the Boyd School, the Barrie School, Aidan Montessori and Oneness-Family School for their support and participation in A Walk For Water. We extend a special appreciation to our volunteers, walkers and their sponsors: teachers, family members, friends, and students from the four schools who attended these two Walks, and those who participated through sponsorship donations. Thank You! (Read More Here)

MAY 16, 2009
A Walk For Water, a walk for children by children
Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland

There's still time to JOIN US at A Walk For Water this Saturday, May 16th
at Lake Frank in Derwood, Maryland!  Click here to download A Walk For Water Parent Packet containing a Registration Form, Sponsorship Pledge Form, Guidelines with Parking/Driving Directions, and other information. 

Schedule for the Day:

  • 9:00 am - Check-in and registration. Families will congregate at Lake Frank. (Carpooling encouraged. Limited parking available at Lake Needwood, 1/2 mile away, shuttle transportation provided to Lake Frank)
  • 10:00 am - pre-Walk rally
  • 10:20 am - Walk begins; walking time approximately two hours.

Come early!

Join students in the DC metro area for the 3rd annual A Walk For Water.

In solidarity with the children of the Azawak, children and families from several schools will walk approximately three miles around beautiful Lake Frank in Derwood Maryland on Saturday May 16.

Families are invited to bring a picnic and enjoy the ambiance of the lake after the Walk.

A Walk For Water gives the whole family an opportunity to take an active role in this vitally important project.

A World Water Day event, read more here:

Our voice is stronger in larger numbers. What we are asking for is maximum participation! Parents, please help us extend this opportunity by talking with other parents and encouraging them to actively campaign to get their child's school involved!

Parents, YOU can have a huge impact in making this event into an even greater success:

  • A Parent Packet contains a letter to parents, registration form, sponsorship pledge form, sample student thank-you letter, and an informational flyer.  Download it here.  

  • Talk to your school's administration about participating in A Walk For Water. Ask them to and request a school registration and parent packet which they can distribute at their school.

  • A PDF of the flyer can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here. Please print copies of this and distribute in your school to help publicize this great event. 

  • If you have any questions at all or wish to take a leadership role in helping, please We have many tools to help you raise attendance. A member of our team will respond promptly. 

MARCH 25, 2009
Burdick's Chocolate Hosts Amman Imman Fundraiser

In honor of World Water Day, Burdick's Chocolate hosts
"Chocolate for Water", an Amman Imman Fundraiser
featuring an exhibition of Ariane Kirtley's photographs of the Azawak. 
Read the press release by clicking here.
View the flyer by clicking here

DECEMBER 16, 2008
Montessori Schools Campaign

Discover how Montessori students are helping by clicking here .

Learn about our work, signup for our Newsletter.


10 Years of A Walk for Wate

Amman Imman
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10 Years of A Walk for Wate

10 Years
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JEJ Moore MS Students Walk for Water

JEJ Moore
MS Students
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Amman Imman Annocunces New Borehole Completion in Couloubade, Niger

Ariane's Update:
Thank you
Wells of Love Students,
Teachers and Parents!


Lisa Wexler Interviews Ariane Kirtley

WFAS Radio Personality
Lisa Wexler Interviews
Ariane Kirtley


Ariane's Accounts from
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the Remote Azawak.


Ariane Kirtley is
Changing Lives:
AI Founder Featured
in Major New Book.

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