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April 30, 2016
Amman Imman announces Dining for Women partnership

Amman Imman Annoucnes Dining for Women PartnershipSilver Spring, MD APRIL 30, 2016 -- We are pleased to announce that Amman Imman has been selected to receive a grant from Dining for Women. Dining for Women (DFW) is a non-profit global giving circle dedicated to empowering women and girls living in extreme poverty. Members in chapters across the world gather monthly to share a meal, learn together and raise funds to support DFW's featured grassroots project for that month. These social gatherings facilitate..(read more here)

April 18, 2016
10 Years of A Walk for Water

10 Years of A Walk for Wate2016 marks the 10th anniversary of A Walk for Water. Schools around the world are hosting A Walk for Water this year to mark this auspicious occasion. The following events have already taken place..(read more here)



April 15, 2016
JEJ Moore MS Students Walk for Water

JEJ Moore MS Students Walk for WaterApproximately 200 students at JEJ Moore Middle School in Disputanta, Virginia learned about the plight of the Azawak people and then participated in A Walk for Water. Students walked the track at school carrying one gallon of water. Some of the students walked up to 5 miles. The students took part in a 10 year tradition of A Walk for Water. Students gathered sponsors and donations. The kids were able to raise over $3200.00 for the Azawak! This is the third year students at JEJ Moore have learned about water scarcity and completed the unit with a service learning project...(read more here)

march 28, 2016
Students Fight Hunger and Thirst with Empty Bowls

STUDENTS FIGHT HUNGER AND THIRST WITH EMPTY BOWLS6th grade students at Chevy Chase Elementary School in Maryland held an Empty Bowl fundraiser for Amman Imman and raised $900! These students are part of the Middle Years Program (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate. In conjunction with their studies of West African music, art and folk tales, the students heard Amman Imman's presentation about water scarcity in the Azawak. The stories inspired the students; they continued to talk about it after the presentation and they wanted to help. In art, the students made beautiful clay bowls that symbolized their assertion that no one should suffer from hunger or thirst. Each bowl sold for $10 each. At the assembly, students performed a folk tale from West Africa, played djembe drums and lent their voices to West African songs, and shared a video they made with photos and student commentary about their projects...(read more here)

December 18, 2015
Give the Gift of Health

Amman Imman Water is Life Nurse Hadiza Conducting a Nutrition Ed Class in Couloubade Niger Dear Friends and Devoted Supporters, Amman Imman continued to build resiliency among our communities in 2015, with a special focus on food security, revenue generation, and health projects. We are particularly proud of our new health extensions program, which currently serves 13,000 people. We would like to grow our health program in 2016 by providing additional treatment and hiring additional qualified staff to increase our prevention campaigns. We will focus most especially on nutrition education to prevent malnutrition and curb anemia...(read more here)

MAY 22, 2015
PRESS RELEASE: 9th Annual "A Walk for Water"
Draws Newly-Named Nigerien Ambassador

Azawak_familySilver Spring, MD -- The new Ambassador of Niger, Her Excellency Professor Hassana Alidou marked history by attending a grassroots event with American students and families. "A Walk for Water" on May 16, 2015 was one of Her Excellency's first public appearances since she established her office the week prior at the Nigerien embassy in Washington DC. Alphadi, famous Nigerien fashion designer known as the "Magician of the Desert", accompanied Her Excellency. The event raises funds to benefit Niger's most vulnerable populations. It links students of the global north and the global south, offering a hand of friendship to Muslim populations in danger of falling under the influence of extremists. Attended by about 200 people, "A Walk for Water" was co-sponsored by nonprofit Amman Imman and the John F. Kennedy HS in Silver Spring, Maryland. Amman Imman: Water is Life, based in Silver Spring, hosts Walk for Water events annually in collaboration with the many schools with which it partners. ...(read more here)

April 15, 2015
Ariane Kirtley, Hero to Thousands, to Visit DC

Ariane Kirtley speaks about her work in the AzawakBeginning on April 10, 2015, well-known international humanitarian Ariane Kirtley will be available in the USA for interviews or feature stories in all media. She arrives in the Washington DC area just back from Niger, the poorest nation on Earth, and also a theater of regional struggle against the rise of Islamist radicalization. The topics she can cover include: African development, combating extremism, climate change, water, Boko Haram, roles of women in the Sahel, women's entrepreneurship, choosing the humanitarian lifestyle, educating American schoolchildren about other cultures, and leading an international NGO. For almost a decade Ariane, mother of two young sons, has worked against great odds, including the threat of terrorism, to save lives among one of the most vulnerable minorities in Africa - a half million Tuareg and Wodaabe nomads who have no water most of the year due to unremitting drought. This is in the Florida-sized Azawak, the most abandoned region of Niger and of the Sahel....(read more here)

May 30, 2015

Montessori Students in Spain Walk For Water

A Walk For Water Spain 2015Students from CCE-Montessori Palau in Girona, Spain took part in the International Montessori Adolescent Summit sponsored by the Montessori Institute for the Science of Peace(MISP). The summit's theme this year was "Tapping the Well of Water Innovation: Seeking Sustainable Solutions to Water Access Quality, and Conflict." Amman Imman was invited to be interviewed by several student panels to round out their research about water issues. All the students at the conference had the opportunity to hear Ariane's presentation of Amman Imman, and the students from Spain chose to take action...(read more here)

February 24, 2015
Amman Imman's Charter of Values:

Azawak_familyWe submit this charter as the standard of integrity upon which we do our work. This testament affirms our commitment to the populations we serve, and our pledge as humanitarians dedicated to building a future of hope for our planet. * Respect and acceptance of the other, and honoring our differences as assets. * Empathy, compassion, and solidarity toward those we serve. * Humility, selflessness, and service leadership: placing others above self while we work for the good of others rather than personal advancement...(read more here)

February 24, 2015
One Voice, A Thousand Voices Together

giving tuesdayLast week,12 year old Gracyn McGathy, a 7th grade student at Cedar Park Middle School in Cedar Park,Texas, contacted us asking for in-depth information and personal stories for her research project entitled "Lack of Water in Africa". I spoke with her on the phone, telling her about water scarcity in the Azawak, how people are affected, and shared our stories. I also sent her several resources that she could use. Today I received a beautiful tribute of thanks from Gracyn that I wanted to share. This one voice speaks with so much depth, understanding and empathy - like a true Hero of Compassion. This is what Wells of Love is all about...(read more here)

December 20, 2014
Tanamert Wooley! Thank You Very Much!

Dear Friends and Devoted Supporters,
As 2014 draws to a close, we wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season, and send you a message from our Azawak communities: Tanamert wooley! Thank you very much! We could not continue helping the children and families in the Azawak without your support and precious contributions. You cannot imagine how grateful our Amman Imman team and communities are for your love and compassion. Contributions like yours have helped us enjoy a fulfilling year in the Azawak, where we continue to witness our communities grow and prosper thanks to ongoing projects, and various new activities. Filling empty bellies: At the beginning of the year, many of our families cried out for help to feed their children. While their borehole provides them with plentiful water, grain prices continue to skyrocket due to perpetual and ongoing drought. Hunger has become a primary cause of desperation. We helped as we could by providing affordable grain to the poorest. Thanks to the Tangarwashane, Couloubade, and Ebagueye cereal banks, children went to school bellies filled, and eager to use their new school books in their new school room provided by Amman Imman. Profits from the cereal bank are used to purchase additional grain, to counter the cycle of hunger. ...(read more here)

December 1, 2014
#GivingTuesday and Giving Back to Improve Lives

Dear Friends of the Azawak,
We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with love and gratitude. As the holiday shopping season begins, please join Amman Imman and #GivingTuesday, a world-wide movement that celebrates generosity and giving back. It culminates with a global day of giving on December 2, 2014 that coincides with the Thanksgiving Holiday and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season. As you consider joining the movement by contributing to our work in the Azawak, I want to continue sharing all the life enhancing activities that we accomplished this past year with you. Along with helping to supply affordable food and grow skills through vocational training, we strived to help improve the lives of the men, children and women in various other ways, as well as increase their job opportunities and revenue...(read more here)


December 2, 2014
Why you Should Donate to Smaller Non-Profits on #GivingTuesday
by Tina Burchette, Volunteer Blog Writer for Amman Imman: Water is Life

With all of the negative things going on in the world as of late, this holiday season is a perfect time to focus on the good. #GivingTuesday comes right on the heels of Thanksgiving and its subsequent consumer-based holidays, and I hope that everyone gives a donation, no matter how small, to an organization that does something great for the world. I want to give a shout out to smaller non-profits for all of the work that they do. If you were to ask any person on the street to list a few of the non-profits they are aware of, these non-profits probably wouldn’t be on their list. However, we cannot ignore the fact that these organizations do necessary and selfless things for the world, regardless of their size and scope. The inevitable fact is that no matter how big or how well-known a non-profit may be, it cannot do everything. It cannot save everyone. It may have a hefty and inspiring mission statement, but there are some things that they cannot and will not do. That is why I am choosing to donate money to the small non-profit that I volunteer with as a blog writer, Amman Imman: Water is Life...(read more here)

October 16, 2014
Amman Imman's 2nd Solidarity Challenge begins on October 27!

ReelWater Film Festival 2014Do something fun to raise funds, generate awareness, and directly improve the lives of our friends in Niger. Here are some ideas of things you can do personally or as a class: Hold an Amman-a-thon fitness event, and do your personal best in basketball shooting, jump-roping, hula-hooping, and other fun athletic activities. Ride a bike, run a mile, hike a mountain, and get pledges from your family and friends. Charge admission for a Halloween movie night. Have a sale: cookies, crafts, toys. Rake leaves or do other household chores, and raise funds...(read more here)

October 6, 2014
Ariane's Update: Helping our Azawak Communities Fill Empty Bellies

ReelWater Film Festival 2014Dear Friends of the Azawak,

We are so grateful to the many of you who responded to our last update. We received generous donations, several tweets, likes, and shares on social media, and numerous messages of encouragement. Thank you for being an ongoing inspiration!

Solidarity Challenge!
I want to invite you to participate in our second Solidarity Challenge Campaign, that begins on October 27th and continues through the month of November. Do something fun to raise awareness and or funds, and directly help save and improve the lives of our friends in Niger. Stay tuned for details!
Cereal Banks to Relieve Hunger
Hunger is a primary cause of sickness and desperation faced by the children and the families that we help. Initally, and perhaps naively, we thought that if they had water, they would be able to feed themselves. While this is not entirely untrue, we underestimated the sheer poverty of our communities. Water is not yet enough to combat the unremitting lack of access to food...(read more here)

September 18, 2014
Ariane's Update: Their Indomitable Spirit Endures

ReelWater Film Festival 2014Dear Friends of the Azawak,

It has been quite a while since I've shared an update with you, and I'm excited to let you know that Amman Imman has enjoyed a fruitful year accomplishing numerous impactful projects in our borehole communities. While most have met with great success, a few have suffered from the devastating consequences of recent violent storms, including high winds and flash floods -- which have caused great damage across Niger as well as in our communities. In our villages alone, these storms destroyed over 100 homes and killed thousands of animals. As always, our villagers maintain a positive outlook despite the hardship they endure. Their response has been "Thanks be to God, no one was killed. Only the material has been lost." We hope to help them rebuild their villages....

(read more here)

july 2, 2014
Journey Across the USA with Christina Lange and Amman Imman

ReelWater Film Festival 2014Amman Imman and Christina Lange are partnering up for a 9,000 mile cross-country bike trip, during which this seasoned photographer will fundraise throughout her journey. Christina Lange has always had a love of bicycling, and after meeting fellow enthusiast Marcus Peck during a convention in 2014, they decided to attempt an epic, yet challenging adventure--to bike across the United States. Christina explains the trip: “We will meet again on the 2nd of July and set off into the wind on the 3rd...Leaving from Bakersfield, we will head first North to Missoula, then East to Boston, South to Washington DC and back West probably via Florida, Texas and Utah. This will be a journey we expect to last 6-8 months.” Christina brings her photography prowess and Marcus comes with a writing background. Between the two of them their journey will be well documented -- telling a slow, purposeful story as they each find meaning in the miles they pass by. This isn’t the first interest she has shown in AI, either. Christina had the opportunity to meet Michael, our founder Ariane’s father, back in 2009. After learning about AI’s mission, she had wanted to do a photo documentary of the work we were doing and the region; however, she did not have the good fortune of securing a grant. With her new endeavor, Christina once again reached out to us, and we are so excited about her support... (read more here)

june 21, 2014
Children in China reach beyond borders to help the Azawak

ReelWater Film Festival 2014In early April, a wonderful thing happened. We received an email from Sean Kelly, a teacher at the Fudan International School in Shanghai, explaining that he was planning a Walk for Water with his elementary students in order to donate funds to Amman Imman. We were excited by his email, and, of course, we were happy to provide any assistance necessary to help them raise money for the people of the Azawak. Sean kept us informed about the many interesting fundraisers that the children and their parents participated in, such as a rummage sale, a raffle, a water balloon toss, a pie walk, a limbo, and a slippery melon race (where students and parents did a relay with a watermelon covered in oil). There was even an activity called “slime the teacher,” where children voted with tickets on a teacher they wished to slime, in true Nickelodeon fashion! Through all of these fun activities, Sean Kelly and the Fudan International School elementary students raised $1,945 during their Walk for Water, even though it rained the whole time! The care and perseverance that the children and their parents demonstrated by sticking it out through the bad weather is astounding... (read more here)

june 11, 2014
Thank You, Wells of Love students, teachers and parents! You are our inspiration!

ReelWater Film Festival 2014I have been hearing about all your wonderful help, as you've joined us on our adventure to help our friends in the Azawak this school year. Thank you so very much! You are our ongoing inspiration as we bring food, water, and all sorts of life improving activities to Tangarwashane, Kijigari, Couloubade, and Ebagueye. I've included some photos at the end of this letter so that you can see for yourself how beautiful Soutout, Hassi, and Mariama have become since we built them their Tangarwashane borehole seven years ago. And look how Sadouan and Alhassan's family has grown... (read more here)

june 10, 2014
Join Amman Imman at the Reel Water Film Festival on June 14!

ReelWater Film Festival 2014Join Amman Imman on Saturday, June 14th at the historic Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club in Bethesda, Maryland for the 3rd annual Reel Water Film Festival! This nonprofit event will kick off with an "Afternoon Splash," showing short films that have been submitted from all over the world, and take you on a journey exploring the many ways that water shapes our lives. Join in lively discussions and Q&A's with filmmakers, and then visit supporter organization tables (including Amman Imman) in the lobby to learn more about how you can get involved in the conversation. In the evening, the festival will host a "Dinner and a Movie" with the award-winning documentary by Patagonia, DamNation. The night will include a delicious taco bar buffet, a cash bar, and a Q&A about the film. Tickets and program information are available on the festival website here. All proceeds will directly benefit the mission of the Reel Water Film Festival, which is a nonprofit that uses film to start the conversation about the world's water issues. After the festival, at least half of the funds raised will be donated to a rainwater harvesting project in Kabale, Uganda, and to education projects around water sustainability in our local community. Learn more at www.reelwaterfilmfest.org.

May 1, 2014
Press Release: Annual 'Walk for Water' Brings Drought-Stricken Communities in West Africa to Life

A Walk For Water 2014Washington DC, May 1, 2014 - For the past decade, a severe and lengthening drought, extreme poverty, and growing insecurity has continued to erode communities in one of West Africa's most inaccessible and impoverished regions: the Azawak Valley. Although most people in the United States and around the world have never heard of the Azawak, a growing group of students and individuals from the Washington, DC area has been gathering annually since 2007 to participate in symbolic 'Walk for Water' events that have raised funds and awareness to directly assist families in the Azawak... (read more here)


April 21, 2014
Walk for Water with Amman Imman on May 10!

A Walk For Water 2014Dear Friends of the Azawak,
Amman Imman: Water is Life invites you and your family to the 8th annual A Walk for Water, a global service event on Saturday, May 10th at the Locust Grove Nature Center, just steps from the Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland. A Walk for Water supports Amman Imman's activities to drill deep wells and provide sustainable development for indigenous communities in West Africa. This is a great family event and a perfect way to teach your children, family and friends about water scarcity, which is a growing global issue. In the Azawak region of Niger and Mali, children walk 35 miles to bring water home to their families. At A Walk for Water, students and families will walk 3 miles in solidarity with the children of the Azawak... (read more here)

March 21, 2014
WFAS Radio Personality Lisa Wexler Interviews Ariane Kirtley

WFAS Radio Personality Lisa Wexler Interviews Ariane KirtleyWFAS 1230 New York radio talk show host Lisa Wexler interviewed Ariane Kirtley in January, 2014 about her work in Niger with Amman Imman: Water is Life. Here are excerpts from their conversation:
Lisa: Ariane Kirtley is founder and director of an organization called Amman Imman Water is Life. It's a charitable organization that's devoted to building water wells for people in Niger. Ariane earned a BA in anthropology from Yale, a masters in public health in 2004 from the Yale School of Public Health, and then was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to return to Niger to conduct public health research among minority populations. That's where she's decided to devote her life, to improve the living conditions of 500,000 people in this remote area of the world that frankly I never heard of before. Ariane Kirtley, welcome to the Lisa Wexler show today! Hi!
Ariane: Hello! Thank you so much for having me on the show... (read more here)

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